Hello! I'm back to blog spot! I'm missing my blog so terribly. What have I done? I left my blog and move to Tumblr. But, I still love my blog because it so comfortable to post! Okay, enough I will introduce my friends to you guys.

CALL US HUITALITY! It's from Huitamitie and Frability. There are 15 girls of us including me.
Wanna know? I love them for sure and no one can separate us except death.

Dinda Prisadini
Call her "Dinda". She was born on 2nd January of 1995. She likes to play basketball and make her friends laugh! She really loves to tell jokes and laughing. She's my classmate! I'm really sick with her because she always make me laugh and crazy! Wanna know her? Just follow her twitter @dinddss

Shelly Meidina Pohan
Call her "Shelly" or you can call her "Thatam". She was born on 4th May of 1995. She likes to manage something and organize some events. She's childish! And she has a soul mate, his name is Buyung. Yup, she's my classmate! She always carries pink umbrella to school to avoid her from the sun light. Follow her twitter: @shellythatam

Devi Indriani
Call this girl, "Devi". She was born on 17th November of 1994. She likes to play basketball too same like Dinda! She has a frizzy hair and she looks cute with it! Devi is pretty good in driving, sometimes she drives her Peugeot to school. She's really joyful too like Dinda! She likes to laugh with me and she likes to drink milk to increase height. Last, she loves to play The Sims 3! Just follow her on twitter @devipohon

Nadia Cantika Putri
Call her "Nadia" or "Cepe". I usually call her "Cepe". She was born on 27th October. She is a cheerful girl, likes to laugh too! And she loves her love mate, Jyoti. Cepe is good at communicate with other people around her. She has a long hair and she wears braces! She will leave Al-Azhar BSD because she will continue in the SMA PJ. Follow her twitter ya @nadiaCputri

Jessica Wandita Putri
Call her "Icca". Or you can call her "Jessica". She was born on 15 April 1995. She's my mate! She likes to laugh too! She's a brave girl, she knows how to protect herself. She wears braces and she has a long hair, and I love her hair. She really loves her boyfriend, Wisnu. Icca is easy going, and also the grumpy one :P Just follow her twitter @JessicaWsn

Hilda Kurniawati
Call her "Hilda"! She was born on 17th July of 1995. She's my best friend since I met her in grade 7! Hilda is the cute one, she wears braces, and she's really clever at school subjects. She really likes Doraemon, just see her room, it is all covered with Doraemon things! She loves her chicken (boyfriend, I mean), Bintang. She loves to listening to her iPod and she will continue education in Bina Nusantara. Don't forget to follow her twitter @hildaemon

Nadia Aisyah Permata Puteri
Call her "Nadia". She was born on 11st April of 1995. She's the tough one, and she's the most mature among us. She's a joyful girl and loves to laugh with a loud voice :P Nadia just made a relationship with Firman. She likes to eat "Ayam Bakar" at school's food court. Nadia has a long hair and a cute face! She really loves her family too! Also us :-) Follow her: @nadiaisyahPP

Cindy Nabila Haris
Call her "Cindy". She was born on 21st November of 1995. She's my mate! She loves to laugh like me, if I was acting strangely, she always laughs. She used to stay in my house if no one could pick her up to home. Cindy is a kind person and she's my angel for sure! I don't know what to say, the point is she's a happy person. Just follow her on twitter, @cindynabs

Febby Astari
Call this one, "Febby". She was born on 18th February of 1995. She's a daughter of pilot. She loves to laugh and gossiping. She knows an update information. She's single now. She's good at editing some photos and capture the photos too! She usually fights with Devi, but it's all not make them hostile. Follow her twitter: @febbyastari

Belda Amelia
Call her "Belda". She was born on 5th July of 1995. She is the pretty one and the tallest among us. She's a graceful person, but loves to laugh too! She just made a relationship with Amir. Belda is a fan of Zooey Deschanel and I think, she looks like her. Follow her twitter yup @beldaamelia

Sonia Suhartono
Call her "Sonia". She was born on 27th April of 1995. She is the school president. Oops! I mean, ex school president. She's a tough girl and good listener. She really loves her love mate, Geraldy. But she's part of Gesanif Family too! She's good at making friends. She wears braces and she's a fan of Marcel & Mischa Candrawinata. Follow her twitter ya @Soniasasaa

Ghaisani Nadhila Rismanty
Call her "Dhila". She was born on 15th November of 1995. She's a pretty girl, she's a model in a magazine. She has a good body, which is proportional. She has a long hair and she wears braces. She's single and she's good at modeling. Just follow her twitter @dhilssey

Artika Dhara Witjacsono
Call her "Rara". She was born on 12nd March of 1995. She has a curly hair and white skin. She has extensive knowledge about the surrounding. And she's the talkative one :D I don't know what to say, the point is I miss her so much! BTW, she rarely opens her twitter...

Nabila Nurul Shabrina
Call her "Bella". She was born on 7th November of 1995. She has a beauty face and tall body. She's good at English. Bella has a great crib! She has a swimming pool and sauna place in her house. She always hang out with her big family, she rarely hang out with us. But I really love her for sure. She rarely opens her twitter too...

That's my #HUITALITY. Enough for the introduction. Wassalamu'alaikum.
Pegel woy ini ngetik sepanjang ini X_X

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